Fountain and Water Feature Design

Creating with water, adding life to any environment with noise and movement and changing moods

Water features can provide a signature or finishing touch or make a major statement in many of most notable buildings, urban spaces and parks.

Fountains and water features have a long tradition in architecture and landscape design and are linked with many important historical places that are part of our rich heritage.

Indeed water features have re-emerged in the past 20 years as one of the key elements in modern design, adding prestige and value to many corporate buildings, public areas, shopping centres and tourist and recreation complexes.

The popularity of water features is not surprising in the context of increased interest in our environment and changes in lifestyle and work patterns.

With the ever increasing density in buildings within our urban environments, architects, builders and planners are constantly striving to incorporate natural elements that add a human dimension to development projects.

Water features can provide this important human dimension in urban space and buildings. Water features can make a major statement in their own right, can link to other design elements or simply add a finishing touch to an environment.

Water features create a more attractive and appealing environment and can encourage greater use of areas. They add value and ambience to built environments.

Water is a versatile element which can be utilised in many ways to meet specific design criteria for a building or open area. Water can be shaped, directed, contained or activated to create different effects and unique settings.

Water features can create a sense of place, define traffic patterns, separate areas, beautify stark areas, create a cool setting, create a meeting point, conceal utility areas, highlight special focal points or generate activity.

Fountains and other water features have a special place in our urban environments today and are an important aspect of building and park design.

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