About Us

International Fountains Australia is the leading company in the design and construction of fountains and water features in Australia.

International Fountains Australia

We provide a complete range of services in fountain and water feature design and construction, including consultancy, maintenance, restorations, component manufacture and supply and project management. 

International Fountains have more than 45 years experience in the design and construction of fountains and water features. Based in Melbourne. we have delivered hundreds of commercial, government and residential projects throughout Australia and internationally.

Australian-owned and controlled, the company has achieved an outstanding reputation in the building industry in more than 45 years of service in this specialised field.

International Fountains has succeeded because of the company’s innovation, experience and total commitment to quality design and construction.

The company accepts direct commissions to design and construct fountains and major water features for indoor and outdoor locations.

Additionally, International Fountains works in association with other firms, particularly architectural practices, in the design of fountains or water features to ensure that they form part of a total architectural concept for a development or recreational area.

Drawing on the company’s broad experience and involvement with some of the most notable fountains throughout Australia, International Fountains can apply innovative, cost effective and workable design solutions to create virtually any required water effect in a building, waterscape setting or combination water and lighting feature.


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