Component design and manufacturing

We design and build fountains, water features and waterscapes for any purpose.

International Fountains can create conventional fountains such as water curtains, cascades and jets through to more complex projects that incorporate custom designed sculptures or interactive water features.

International Fountains can design and supply diverse range of components for different water and lighting effects, including fibre optic lighting that significantly enhances colour options in a system with a low running cost.

The knowledge and experience of International Fountains ensures quality, cost effective options with guaranteed quality in all components as well as in the installation and construction of projects. 

International Fountains has manufacturing facilities for stainless steel fabrication, frames, nozzles and tanks and can supply all electrical equipment, pumps and aerating equipment with a full three year warranty.

The company can manufacture nozzles in a standard range from 5ml to 100ml but can also meet customised orders.

Nozzles and components can be supplied for a wide range of independent or interactive functions for solid stream, geyser, fan jet, inverted bell, aerated, foaming and umbrella effects as well as fog jets for misting effects, dancing jets and cascades.

Similarly, the company offers a range of headers to create different features such as water curtains, multi-tiered displays, cluster boxes, out-of-water sculptures and structures, dandelions and antique bowls and figures.

International Fountains approaches the design and construction of fountains with a strong focus on safety and easy maintenance and on the maintenance of water quality for health and visual appeal.

The company’s extensive experience in the design and construction of fountains and water features ensures that each installation runs efficiently and performs to operating specifications.

International Fountains creates fountains that add value, status, ambience and life to indoor and outdoor settings in passive image focused locations such as corporate offices, clubs and tourist facilities through to more active locations such as shopping centres and public spaces or parks.

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